Sep 20

The not-so secret surf spot

Local surfers have long been protective of the Hazards Canyon surf spot.

There are stories of out-of-town cars getting vandalized, of photographers being harassed and even a few incidents of violence in the lineup. The point always being: This is a local place.

We don't want anyone else coming here.

Like you.

You're not supposed to post anything about this "secret spot" online, and if you mention it in public, you're generally expected to refrain from calling it by its name or revealing its location. You may make vague comments like, "I went to this spot near Morro Bay," but even then –


So I thought it was funny when I saw this sign while riding bikes with my daughter last weekend.

I've been past this sign numerous times over the past dozen years, but I have to say I've never really paid attention to it until this weekend. While I know the wooden Baywood Park sign has been there for a while, I can't even say for sure how long the green and white sign above it has been there. But what clearly stood out was that final entry:

"Hazards Surf Spot."

Nine miles, straight ahead.

Okay, so maybe that doesn't give you precise directions. And, in fact, if you actually kept going straight, I think you'd encounter more hills than waves. But still, my point is that this secret spot is really not so secret. Yet people have been threatened over revealing it, even though anyone who gets a bagel at the Back Bay Cafe can tell you about Hazards surf spot.

Or, for that matter, anyone who does a simple Internet search.

You ask me, I say the ocean belongs to everyone.

Not that I want everyone to crowd around me in the lineup. But they have just as much of a right to a spot — on state property, nonetheless — as anyone who's lived here all their lives.

It's called America, people. And while there's been a lot of talk about freedom bantered around political circles the past ten years, I can say with certainty that one aspect of freedom entails being able to lawfully hang out at a state park without getting hassled by a bunch of meatheads who think they own a spot.

If you think I'm wrong, read the sign labeled "Points of Interest."

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