Apr 10

More Merrell: UK label puts out best of album for local surf musician

Merrell Fankhauser, one of the county’s pioneering surf musicians, is on a roll.

The guitarist/singer has several new CDs in the works, including the recently released “The Best Of” collection, put out by the UK’s Gonzo MultiMedia. The album will span Fankhauser’s entire career, including music from Merrell and the Exiles (1963-64), Fapardokly (1966), Merrell and HMS Bounty (1968), MU (1971-74) and his solo works up until 2011.

Gonzo is also putting out “The Best of the Tiki Lounge,” a collection of Fanhkauser’s locally produced music shows, on DVD.

We featured Fankhauser, of Arroyo Grande, in our story on the history of local surf music last month.

Check out his CD at Gonzo’s site. Gonzo also features a recent release by another Arroyo Grande artist, former Yes frontman Jon Anderson. His recent album with former Yes co-hort Rick Wakeman, “The Living Tree,” can be found here.

Tribune photo: Joe Johnston

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