Aug 23

Don’t expect to see any Eagles at SLO Brew’s Jeff Bridges show

In one of many memorable scenes from “The Big Lebowski,” The Dude — played by Jeff Bridges — is sitting in a cab after an encounter with Malibu’s chief of police.

As “Peaceful Easy Feeling” by the Eagles plays on the stereo, the Dude complains, “Jesus, man — can you change the channel?” Then he adds, “I had a rough night, and I hate the f—ing Eagles, man!”

The cab driver — obviously an Eagles fan — kicks the Dude out of his cab, making a bad day even worse. It was a funny scene — but apparently not necessarilly for members of the Eagles, who have been known to have ego issues.

“Whenever I run into one of the Eagles, they give me some sh–,” Bridges said when I interviewed him last week. “I’d do the same if I were them. But it’s all good fun. We laugh at it.”

During his two sold-out shows at SLO Brew tonight (Thursday), Bridges will play some covers. But he’s more likely to play songs by Creedence — a favorite of the Dude — than the Eagles. As Bridges said in our Ticket story, he personally is a fan of CCR.

YouTube Preview Image
“I love Creedence,” he said. “They were one of my favorite bands.”

Bridges is, of course, the Oscar-winning actor known for roles in “The Last Picture Show,” “The Fisher King,” “Seabiscuit” and many more. But his role as a down-and-out country singer in “Crazy Heart” inspired him to take a break from acting to perform music.

His band’s first shows were in Santa Ynez, near his home.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “Music is very dear to my heart. And when you put some shows on your calendar, you’ve got to prep for those, and you’ve got to play music with your friends. What a terrible thing.”

In our Ticket story, we noted that Bridges often jams on set with fellow actors. But he also jams with Loyd Catlett, who has served as the actor’s stand-in for 40 years.

“It’s funny, we play some, but I ended up playing more with my daughter because when I’m not working on the set, Loyd’s working. And when I’m working, he’s not working. So we don’t play as much as we’d like. But he’s a good guitar player, and we do enjoy playing together.”

In addition to cover songs and tunes from the “Crazy Heart” soundtrack, Bridges will perform music from his major label debut, “Jeff Bridges.”

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  1. Man from Moqui

    Wasn’t he also in his Dad’s TV show “Sea Hunt”?

    1. kurt

      He was in one episode as a boy. It was his premier as an actor I think when he was around five. You can see him talking about it in a PBS special they did on him.

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