Aug 29

The Malibu of the Midwest

I was listening to comic Tim Bedore on the radio this morning, and he had an entire bit about this billboard he saw while driving through Chicago. The Billboard extolled the virtues of surfing in Sheboygan.

As in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Home of the Dairyland Classic.

After looking up more info about it, he learned they call Sheboygan “The Malibu of the Midwest.”

You can imagine some of the jokes he came up with.

Anyway, I tried to find photos of the Chicago billboard online, but I couldn’t find anything. I did, however, find this photo of a billboard in Milwaukee, announcing the 2011 Dairyland Classic. And speaking of the Dairyland Classic, for those of you wanting to get away from California for a little surf, this year’s Dairyland Classic begins tomorrow in Sheboygan.

As the website notes, there will be surf contests through the weekend — waves permitting.

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  1. Sarah


  2. Man from Moqui

    Remember to pack your cheesehead foam hat. These are great for buoyancy as well as for making a Dairy State fashion statement.

  3. Clam

    Ha! I forgot that I saw 2 or 3 of those this summer while I visited. Cracked me up.

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