Oct 29

More cartoon love for Pismo

Many SLO County locals are familiar with the “Ali Baba Bunny” cartoon in which Bugs Bunny memorably pays homage to Pismo Beach.

But a year later, a Hanna-Barbera favorite — Yogi Bear — paid tribute to Pismo in a 1958 episode titled “Tally Ho Ho Ho.” I know this thanks to my daughter, Sunny, who’s into old TV shows and happened to be watching “Tally Ho Ho Ho” when she heard the Pismo reference.

Specifically, Yogi is trying to elude a hunter and hides behind a rock, disguised as a deer. The hunter sees him and says, “Say, haven’t I seen you someplace before?”

“I don’t know,” Yogi replies. “Ever been to Pismo Beach?”

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Pismo had a reputation as a bawdy place where celebrities — many on their way to Hearst Castle — had decadent fun. As a result, there were many wink-wink jokes about Pismo — sort of a what happens in Pismo stays in Pismo kind of gag — most notably by Jack Benny back in the 40s.

That naughty reputation explains why the hunter’s answer to Yogi’s question — “Ever been to Pismo?” — is a wholesome, “Heavens, no.”

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