pat-pic-what.jpgI’m Pat Pemberton, one of the features/entertainment writers at the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

An Indiana University graduate, I’ve lived in San Luis Obispo the entire century. I’m really into drums, guitar, ukulele, surfing, painting, and a bunch of other stuff. But since I’m not good enough at any of those to get rich, I make a living writing about other people, some of whom are actually rich.

But enough about them. More about me:

* After 15 years, I finally overcame my fear of dentists. But my phobia cost me a tooth.

* I fear that every late-night call is someone trying to tell me a relative just died.

* I put at least one Stevie Wonder song on every comp CD I burn.

* I have a recurring dream that I’m proficient on piano. Then I actually try to play, and I’m like, “Oh.”

* Stalls over urinals.

* I met my wife at an outdoor concert of washed-up rockers: Foghat, Steppenwolf, Blue Oyster Cult. What can I say — the stars were aligned. And we both had free tickets.

* My mom thinks she once dated Brent Musburger, but she’s not entirely sure.

Photo: David Middlecamp

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