Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 31

Hurley’s Drug Store 1963


I am not sure if this image was made for an advertisement or for a business page story. To me it is interesting to see the styles folks are wearing and all the counter displays that are no longer in fashion. In my lifetime there has been a retail sea change from many small locally …

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Dec 21

Mott Gym 1963, Cal Poly

Some things have changed a lot over the last 44 years, but the gym at Cal Poly, just a little. Built in 1960 and since then the grandstands have been reworked but as a photographer I would move the lights to focus on the main court rather than the grandstands. Higher speed films and chemical …

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Dec 19

1964 Telegram-Tribune Advertising Staff


 June 30, 1964 Award winning Telegram-Tribune advertising staff poses for a photo. I guess even the Beatles were wearing skinny neckties at this point in their career though I am not sure any of these guys were listening to the Fab 4. I am thankful for their efforts, building the place I work at today. …

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Dec 14

San Luis Obispo, Palm St. 1964


 July 16 1964 San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Annex looking bright and new but there is another building where the City/County Library is now.

Dec 05

San Luis Airport 1963


 San Luis Obispo Airport and Islay Hill in 1963. The terminal was where the Spirit of San Luis restaurant is now, no tower. Hijacking, TSA and 9-11 were still concepts in the future. Sorry about the dust, all those white specks, some negatives have had better care than others.

Dec 03

Cuesta Grade Accident 1963


 December 3, 1963A recurring story for area journalists is accidents on Cuesta Grade. This heavy equipment truck crashed 44 years ago today. With an extra lane and a concrete median the road feels safer today though people drive faster.