Jan 28

1963 Whale


QUITE A CATCH…Well, not really. Actually 14-year-old Billy Ahrendt of Rancho Montana de Oro is attaching a cable to a 20-foot baby California Grey whale that washed up on Hazard beach yesterday. The dead whale had apparently been attacked by sharks. The animal was later hauled away to a tallow works. (Telegram-Tribune photo.)

August 6, 1963
1963-whale-a1.jpgYou got your full ten cents of value in the Telegram-Tribune this day. An abbreviated list of stories includes: An escaped murderer from the Paso Robles Boy’s School, machete-armed bandits in Colombia, cable T.V. proposed for Paso Robles at $4.95 a month, oil production is pursued in Lopez Canyon, a new head of the San Luis Obispo County Junior College District is chosen and the SLO city council is told they can’t pass a resolution with 2 out of 3 votes. Oh and by the way a whale washed up on the beach south of Los Osos.

Later it would become a beloved state park but then it was a working ranch.

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