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1965 Avila Beach



March 15, 1965
Some images don’t make it into the paper. The Telegram-Tribune had a voracious appetite for photography, publishing weekly picture pages, so the photographers were always looking for the next feature.
This appears to be one of those cases where the pictures did not make the cut, it was not in the microfilm this week. The images are ordinary but document the burgeoning surf scene. Wetsuits had not yet hit the mainstream and the shortboard was still being invented.
Surfing was well into the transition from fringe sport to mainstream pastime. The film Gidget had been released 6 years earlier and the T.V show launched the career of Sally Field 1965.
The Beach Boys had been playing professionally since 1961 and were placing hits in the charts for three years now. Surfin’ U.S.A. or Fun, Fun, Fun were likely playing on the radio that day.
The surf may have only been ankle high but it was diversion from the news of the day. Typical headlines of the week ran from Heloise giving advice on carpeting to carpet-bombing.
“Bombs Rain on N. Viet Nam”
“Slippery Steps? Try Carpet Samples”
Two days later in Selma, Alabama Dr. Martin Luther King was in a civil rights showdown with Gov. George Wallace. The headline says the police are making peace overtures, but the photo and caption show the non-violent protesters getting hit with truncheons.

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