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1965 Fashion-A-Go-Go

Frantic activity behind scenes by Leonore Smith’s Fashion Board finds Katchy Normand, right giving last minute touches to Virginia Abkin’s hairdo.

August 25, 1965
The Madonna Inn has been the location for fashion shows since it’s early days. For many years it was the only location in San Luis Obispo with hall and banquet facilities.

In the mid to early 1960’s it was rare to find a woman quoted or pictured on the front page or sports pages. From today’s vantage point, during a presidential election year when a woman is the contender everyone is measuring their campaign against, these pages are looking dated, and it is not because of the hairstyles.
fashion-a-gogoa.jpgThe Telegram-Tribune was like a lot of papers at the time. Women’s news, as it was then called, was relegated to the Family page and it consisted largely of fashion, homemaking and social news.

The fashion ads are from a week earlier. In the days before MTV, the endless flow of fashion makeover shows and Target ads, the hip place to fashion-jim-vestal-8-19-65a.jpgcheck out trends was the local paper. Then it was time to head downtown to Penny’s, Riley’s or Rowan’s. Oh, that reminds me, I need to get to Woolworth’s and stock up on $1.99 slim jeans.

Lower photo caption:
Kathy Franklin’s giddy gold sweater and gold-and-beige plaid skirt earn admiring looks in Monday evening’s “Fashion-A-Go-Go” show at the Madonna Inn.
Photos by Jim Vestal


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