Feb 14

1965 Lopez Dam Proposal


Harry Conley, left, and Supervisor Lyle Carpenter, right, study details of Zone 3 boundaries for Lopez project.


August 18, 1965

Water is one of perennial the stories of the west. Today there are debates about the Nacimento pipeline; yesterday the question was whether or not to build Lopez Dam.The lede of the story read:“Twenty years of study culminated Tuesday when the board of supervisors officially approved the $16 million Lopez Dam project and set an election date of Sept. 28.”Reporter Pat Keeble also wrote, “Problem areas include the Avila area, where extreme saltwater intrusion has occurred, and the Nipomo area, which last year experienced a typhoid outbreak due to contamination of well water.John Hurst of Arroyo Grande, co-chairman of the Citizens Committee for Lopez Dam said that the owner of a $30,000 house will have his water bill increased by $20 a year. Margo Dodd, of Sunset Palisades, a member of the committee was quoted as saying “We have had the ‘pleasure’ of cleaning our teeth with saltwater.”

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