Feb 27

1965 Oceano Dunes



WELCOME OFFER… Mrs. Evelyn Tallman of the Pismo Beach Dune Riders offers a ride to Mrs. Duncan Jackson and Dr. William E. Siri.

January 16, 1965
Brace yourselves.
The Sierra Club and the Pismo Beach Dune Riders once had the same goal for the Oceano Dunes. It took PG&E to put them on the same side of the issue but in 1965 they were united against a proposed 6-unit nuclear power plant for the dunes. Dr. Siri, national president of the Sierra Club, came to see the site and Mrs. Duncan Jackson helped coordinate the tour. She has the name Kathy on her cup and Bill Denneen informs me Jackson later remarried and most folks now know her as Kathleen Goddard Jones. They walked and walked and walked according to the headline and rode the dunes in Mad Max styled cars. The efforts resulted in the power plant moving further north to Diablo Canyon. The unlikely alliance between the Sierra Club and off-road interests has since sundered and the use areas have been split between the vehicle and non-vehicle interests.
The photos were by Jim Vestal.

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