Feb 19

1965 Tribune Newsroom



This may only be interesting to me, but here it is, the newsroom of the Telegram-Tribune from the mid 1960’s. These frames were at end of a roll of film from a box labeled 1964-1965. Those who remember film will recall shooting the last few frames in the camera before rewinding the roll and developing it.
I asked writing coach and former Tribune reporter/editor Jim Hayes if he recognized anyone in the picture but these folks were all before his tenure.
Said Hayes, “All the guys look like newsmen I knew in the ‘50s and ‘60s who dressed in the white shirt/unknotted tie uniform.
Reporters still use telephones and notebooks but today often type interviews directly into the computer rather than the old notebook-typewriter-typesetter process.
This was the Johnson Ave. building (now the location of Scolaris) that former reporter Dan Stephens called The Pillbox. The cinder block building was designed almost without windows but made up for it with the healthy buzzing glow of mismatched fluorescent lights.

UPDATE: Just found this frame at the beginning of a roll, an accidental record of the photo desk. Tools of the trade include a loupe, contact sheets, light meter, assignments and negatives and an ashtray.

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