Apr 18

1965 Graduation/Smirnoff Ad

June 3, 1965

In the olden days before computers could proof print a whole page, the people laying out news pages would get a piece of paper called a dummy with empty boxes marking where the ads went. The first time you would see the whole package was when the paper was printed. This was the front of the local section.


At the top of this page Mission High valedictorian Kathleen Simms kisses the ring of Rev. Harry Anselm Clinch. She was one of 88 students graduating in the class of 1965. At the bottom of the page a couple of swinging hipsters are living it up after a stiff belt of Smirnoff. The drink recipe has a kick, hence the name the Mule.

Smirnoff has since brought the sophistication level up on their advertising, and today sober graduations get more attention.

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