Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 30

1964 Avila Beach Fashion

    June 16, 1964 School’s out! Time to grab the transistor radio and hit Avila Beach. Can’t tell if the bikini has yellow polka dots like the 1960 novelty song. Everybody was grey back then, or at least all the newspapers were. Cultural anthropologists will note that, like today, the beach population was split. …

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May 28

1964 Election

June 1964 In this election season I thought it would be interesting to see the advertising strategies of 44 years ago.Read the ads, choose your candidate, pick your favorite middle-aged white guy.You won’t see advertisements for the Democrat running for president because the incumbent Lyndon Johnson was the presumptive nominee at this point.Republicans were wrangling …

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May 25

1964 Memorial Day

June 1, 1964 Memorial Day services were held at the IOOF cemetery in San Luis Obispo. One quirk of newspaper photos from that era is the frequency of stage-managed photos. Part of that trend was due to the limitations of the equipment. If you only had two sheets of film for your 4×5 camera then …

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May 22

Hearst Castle Graduation

June 6, 1968 Here we are near graduation season and the 50-year anniversary of public tours at Hearst Castle. Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument was dedicated June 2, 1958. Ten years later the Cambria area high school needed help. Coast Union High School’s auditorium and old gym were demolished to meet Field Act standards …

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May 21

1965 Madonna Equipment Auction

Auctioneer Milton J. Wershow gathers crowd while Alex Madonna watches sale. August 20, 1965 You could never accuse Alex Madonna of doing things in a small way. When 365 pieces of equipment were declared surplus by Madonna Construction Company an auction was scheduled for the nearly $3 million dollars of machinery. Quoting from the article: …

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May 18

1968 La Fiesta Parade

May 17, 1968 One of the lost traditions of San Luis Obispo is La Fiesta de las Flores. Established in 1925 as a fund-raiser for the fire damaged downtown Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa , the festival was held almost continually until 1995. The city festival then fell victim to organizer burnout and a …

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May 18

What’s in a Name Update

Well the entry period closed with one nomination for a name change and a few votes to keep it the same so I’ll use my superdelegate powers to end the process and keep the name the same. Thanks for the ideas…I’ll let you know when the changes are coming, the web address may change a …

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May 16

1965 Cannon Stolen

  June 2, 1965 Having created a display for the Veteran’s museum, I am not a fan of vandalism, but as pranks go, this one was a doozy. Someone with a big truck or tractor swiped the 140-millimeter cannon from the Veterans Memorial Building and parked down Grand Ave. at Cal Poly, quite a feat …

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May 10

What’s in a Name?

Our blogs here at The Tribune/ are undergoing redesigns and Photos From the Vault is on deck. When the blog was launched it was an experiment in seeing if other people were curious about what was in the dusty negative boxes in the back room as I was. Turns out you are. I was surprised …

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May 04

November 1963 – Kennedy slain by assassin

November 22, 1963 As promised in the last post, here is coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination. There are no local photos but the mythology that has since surrounded the event makes real time coverage interesting reading. Click on the newspaper pages to view a larger image. There were trivial stories, like the jinx …

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