May 16

1965 Cannon Stolen


June 2, 1965
Having created a display for the Veteran’s museum, I am not a fan of vandalism, but as pranks go, this one was a doozy.
Someone with a big truck or tractor swiped the 140-millimeter cannon from the Veterans Memorial Building and parked down Grand Ave. at Cal Poly, quite a feat in the era when most cars on the road were sedans not a 4×4 trucks.

Quoting the article by staff writer Chuck Yoakum under the headline:

Memorial cannon ‘captured’

Note to the 3rd Nipponese Armored Division, last heard from somewhere in the jungles of Guadalcanal. Don’t feel too bad about that cannon that was stolen from you over 20 years ago by the U.S. Army, even they couldn’t hang onto it in our own country. It disappeared again last night, right off the front lawn of the Veterans Memorial Building in San Luis Obispo and turned up next to the dining hall at Cal Poly.

City police and county sheriff’s deputies haven’t got the foggiest idea of who took it and apparently the people down at the veterans Building aren’t real excited about losing it. “Whoever took it can keep it as far as I’m concerned,” Charles Hazen, who is in charge of the Veterans Building, said. “It’s been nothing but a headache to me.”
I’ll defer to an expert on artillery, but it looks like the gun has been returned.

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