Jul 28

1963 Angels v. Red Sox spring training


March 20, 1963

3-20-63-angels-bosox.JPGSpring training in Palm Springs?


The Boston Red Sox lost 5-1 to the Los Angeles Angels at the Polo Grounds in Palm Springs.

Daylight major league baseball a few hours from San Luis Obispo drew the sports editor Johnny Nettleship south for a game. With an afternoon paper the film could be developed overnight and be fresh for the next afternoon’s edition.

According to Wikipedia the Angel’s owner, movie star, Gene Autry lived part time in the desert town so it made a natural fit for spring training and their class-A minor league team. The Angels called it their training home from 1961 to 1992.

The team in the Los Angeles ballpark would win the World Series against the Yankees that year. Unfortunately for them, it was their roommates the Dodgers.

The Angels and Dodgers would share Dodger Stadium from 1962-1965 until the Angels headed south on I-5 for their own home and began their many name changes. They have had more identities than Sybil; we knew them as California Angels, Anaheim Angles, and Los Angles Angels of Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga.

I still hate that rally monkey. Yeah, my name is Dave and I am a Giants fan.

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