Aug 15

Pacific Telephone & Telegraph operators


Here is all the information I have at this point.
Pacific TelLibrary13 Jan
The images came from a box filled with negatives from 1964 -1966.
I searched the microfilm for a clipping in January 1964 and 1965 but this story is proving elusive.
One story has pictures from the old library on Morro Street, now the home to the San Luis Obispo Little Theater. Next door to the old library is the former home of the operators for Pacific Telephone.
It used to be that a local operator answered when you dialed for information. You could talk to a live human who could help you remember the name of the mechanic on Monterey Street, because they lived in the area.

Today we wonder when we dial the phone if the person on the other end of the line is even in the same state, same time zone, or same hemisphere.
Now a mechanical voice gives us a number we after a stopwatch driven consultation with someone who sounds like they have 57 other phone calls to answer.
Today it is a good thing to have a blue tooth.
Lily Tomlin had a great comedy routine that often included the line, “One ringy dingy…”

Does anyone have a story to share with the readers about working for Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., or Pacific Bell, Pacific Telesis, SBC, or AT&T?

UPDATE – Thought you might enjoy seeing an ad from this era.
This is from the Oct. 4, 1966 paper suggesting that phone booths were like a second home when the rains came.
Back in the 1960′s it rained.
Back before cell phones they had booths where you could make a local call for a dime.

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