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Harvest Festival Parade


October 1, 1966
harvest-parade-1966-b.jpgArroyo Grande celebrated their 71st Harvest Festival last weekend. By my reckoning that makes it the second oldest celebrated festival in the county.  The Harvest Festival began in 1937 and Paso Robles kicked off the first Pioneer Day in 1931. San Luis Obispo first celebrated La Fiesta de las Flores in 1925 to help restore the fire damaged Mission but that event faded out in the mid-1990’s.
10-3-66-educational-tv.jpgCorrect me if you have another nominee.
Markets were smaller in 1966, they didn’t supersize untill later. JoEllen Childers, Tribune south county sales representative, confirms that the Williams Brothers Market location is now the home of Donna’s Interiors.
I used to think Telegram-Tribune was a long name to place on the masthead of a paper, then I found out about the Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder. That’s a lot of ink to spill every week on a nameplate.
According to Tribune production manager Warren Blankenburg this TPR building is now home to Poor Richard’s Press and the Paint shop has been replaced by Mid-State, er, Rabobank.
For reasons lost to time these photos didn’t run in the next paper. My guess is that with over 48 hours between the event Saturday morning and the next paper hitting the doorstep Monday afternoon the editors wanted something fresher for the pages.
The photo they did use was shot Monday morning at Sinsheimer Elementary School as Educational Television was unveiled for 2,000 students across the county. KQED in San Francisco broadcast a program covering math, science and geography. Technical difficulties prevented several schools from getting a signal.
No word on how effective the programming was. Sesame Street would first air over two years later in Philadelphia, July 1969.
My guess is we will rely on teachers for the foreseeable future.
The main headline was one repeated often in The Telegram-Tribune throughout the 1966, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army are on the run.
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