Sep 23

Higuera Landmarks Demolished



Pioneer mayor and supervisor, P.F. Ready,

first developed this site along San Luis Obispo Creek.

October 30, 1969
Here is a glimpse of the neighborhood today thanks to Google Maps. Paste in this text string – 648 Higuera, San Luis Obispo, Ca – then click on street view.
They haven’t yet perfected the time travel version that shows what a street looked like 100 years ago but it will be cool when they do. I understand it will be ready about 2,108.
It would be freaky if they could put history into virtual reality glasses. You’d see people stumbeling into hovercraft lanes and running into newspaper racks. (Yea, the internet dies out sometime around 2088 after a shortage of Mentos and Diet Coke cause people to lose interest in YouTube.)
If you are still reading, here is what the article by staff writer Elliot Curry said:

Two of the oldest landmarks on Higuera Street have been slowly disappearing this fall as Dennis Ahearn clears away the old Brophy home and the neighboring two-story business building. Only a few gnarled trees now stand at 648 Higuera Street.The two old buildings were each more than 90 years old. Together with the long-abandoned service station a the northeast corner of Higuera and Nipomo, they made up what was once the P.F. Ready property.Phillip Ready was a young Irishman who came to San Luis Obispo in 1867 and by 1872 had established himself with a blacksmith shop on the corner where the old service station now stands.Ready was elected to the City Council in 1880 and later became mayor of the city. In 1889 he was elected county supervisor, holding that position until 1892.

Mrs. Maydie Brophy, lived in one of the houses where she was born most of her life, she was 94 and in a convalescent home when the article was written. She would walk to the Mission where she was organist for many years and she retired as a bookkeeper at Rileys department store at the age of 87 after over 50 years working at the store.

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