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Nov 28

1978 Carol Hallett and Ronald Reagan


June 8, 1978 A. David Chan asked about Carol Hallett and by good fortune I had her photo in the “someday soon” stack. Her biography says she was field office representative for Assemblyman, later Congressman, William M. Ketchum. Speak up if you know for sure, my guess is that she was the first woman elected …

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Nov 25

One year of blogging

Photos from the vault was born a little over a year ago on November 13, 2007. People who know me will tell you I have trouble remembering birthdays, so it’s a belated happy birthday. Since then there have been 81,067 page views on the original and current site from all over the world. There are …

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Nov 24

Highway 1 and Cal Poly


  This view of Highway 1 with Cal Poly in the background shows how much has changed in 42 years. The highway has a center divider and the university has a library and performing arts center, recreation center and other buildings. I should have climbed a little further up the hill but now the side …

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Nov 22

1973 Undersea fault near Diablo Canyon


November 24, 1973 Time gets measured in different scales. Geologic time runs in cycles with spans of hundreds, thousands or millions of years, hard to put in a human context because the Earth’s pace is not a human pace. A few signposts of 1973: Richard Nixon was president, and the jaws of the Watergate scandal …

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Nov 21

Monterey Street 1959


November 1959 Though the writing on the print says 1949, this view of Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo is likely 10 years later. Both the Battle of Midway starring Cliff Robertson and the Crimson Kimono shared the bill on the Obispo Theater. They were released in 1959. The cars look like 1950’s era cars. …

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Nov 19

Virgil Ulysses Hodges, photographer


Vivian Krug with the South County Historical Society sent this information. If you like old local photos this looks like a great exhibit. Carpenter on tower in Oceano. Photos by Virgil Hodges, Courtesy of the Bennett-Loomis Archives You may never have heard about Virgil Hodges, but you’ve probably seen his photographs. You may have old …

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Nov 17

Tregeagle goes to San Quentin

July 15, 1971 Death penalty trials are grim stories.Over the last 20 years I have worked at the paper I have covered portions of 3 of the 4 active county death row stories.In 1971 there was a wave of 3 death penalty convictions within 9 months.Joseph Deb Tregeagle was convicted of murdering a 17-year-old Van …

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Nov 14

Remembering Rileys department store, San Luis Obispo

    Former owner Ross Humphrey, left, and tearful manager Kim Humphrey thanked staff Sunday at closing time as 105 year old local department store, Rileys closed for the last time. January 31, 1993 Rileys department store was a major shopping destination for five generations. They were the last department store downtown and the last …

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Nov 12

New book by Guy Crabb


I first met Guy Crabb when The Tribune did a story on his Morro Elementary 4th grade student’s  history project. One of the children had built an model of the roundhouse that used to be in San Luis Obispo. It had been torn down before the student was born, yet here was a teacher could …

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Nov 09

Vietnam basic training Ft. Ord

Writer Gilbert Moore and photographer Jim Vestal visited Fort Ord in Monterey as training for the Vietnam War was ramping up. Both had been through basic training there in the early 1960’s but in the mid-1960’s thousands of soldiers were going to battle in South East Asia. At the beginning of 1966 there were less …

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