Nov 25

One year of blogging


Photos from the vault was born a little over a year ago on November 13, 2007.
People who know me will tell you I have trouble remembering birthdays, so it’s a belated happy birthday.
Since then there have been 81,067 page views on the original and current site from all over the world. There are 138 posts and 301 comments on the blog, oops this makes 139 posts.
Our web guru Danny Thorogood has added a new feature (see the flags?) to the site, a translation program to help international readers.
I am looking for a local sponsor for the blog, contact me if you are interested in reaching a worldwide audience interested in photography. dmiddlecamp(at)thetribunenews.com

The map above is generated by StatCounter, the service lists searches that bring readers to the website and what the most popular pages are from one day to the next. Still no visits from Antarctica. Stupid penguins.
It does not say who you are individually but as a group popular search topics include Vietnam, railroad, fashion, abalone, Cambria radar station, Huffington, telephone operators, 1960′s fashion, Santa Barbara oil disaster.
Two items are probably not a surprise to you, Google is the favorite search engine and Internet Explorer is the favorite web browser.
This information and the comments you write help me decide what future material to look for.
Several folks have recently asked for very specific photos or stories and unfortunately the way our files are (dis)organized from the 1960′s there are very low odds for a specific story. An example, I was on the lookout for 6 months to find a photo of the operators in the Pacific Telephone exchange and when the negatives turned up they were in a sleeve marked Pacific TelLibrary13 Jan. I still haven’t determined the year, or found the article but thanks to comments by readers Hazel Culbertson Daniels and Lucille (Serpa) Ferraro we got a chance to meet some of the people who worked there.
The blog is regularly improved by your comments so thanks to all who have contributed and please if you have something to add this is your place. I am grateful that readers have found the blog interesting enough to post comments. It started as a photo and a couple of sentences but you have given it the energy to grow into something more. Share it with your friends if you find something worthwhile.

What three major topics are you interested in seeing covered this year?

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