Dec 18

1913 Pacific Coast Amusement Co. Pool Hall



January 28, 1913

Photography was still enough of a novelty that everyone would stop what they were doing for a photograph. Another reason to stand still was technical. The exposure was a combination of flash (probably powder) and a long time exposure to gather light from the fixtures. Movement during the exposure would blur the photo.

Pacific Coast Amusement Co. looks like the original sports bar and pool hall. Pennants from various universities hang from the walls. Cal Poly was 10 years old but sadly has no banner in this picture; the Foundation must not have been selling them at the time. It must be a tournament or some other special occasion, perhaps Super bowl iixl.

Neckties, hats and suits, these guys weren’t stumblebums and the room was packed hence the dry wit in the caption “A DULL DAY”.

Once again like the bar photo from the same era the only women in the photo are in the framed photos on the walls. There are several smokers and the glimmer of a spittoon but no bottles or glasses except for the decorative bottle shapes along the wall. Perhaps alcohol was too controversial to photograph. There is not even a soda bottle to be found.

Fair warning to all you Anti-Saloon League members, the Tribune was printed over a bar for many years after it was founded in 1869. San Luis Obispo in the early 1900′s had 20-40 bars but fewer newspapers. The Telegram was founded in 1905 and had a prohibitionist philosophy. The battle between the papers would end in 1939 when they merged though they had been under the same ownership since 1925.

Anyone recognize this pool hall location?

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