Dec 05

Crazy Dress Up Day

2-20-66-dress-up.jpgFebruary 3, 1966
Girls at San Luis Junior High wanted to wear granny dresses to school but the school officials thought that would be unfair to the boys, so Crazy Dress Up Day was born.
Today a kid would be suspended for bringing a gun, toy or otherwise, to school. Back then if someone was going to “Bust a cap” they were talking about cap guns. Having a cap gun was essential for cowboy wannabees in the 1960′s. Fire them and you smelled like danger. It didn’t matter that the barrel never snapped together right, or that the roll of caps always jammed after the third shot.

Janis Howard embodied the forces of good dressed as Matt Dillon.
Debbie Santana was a little girl, James Zevely was a doctor and Rosalind Dewlaney was a bum. Homelessness was more amusing in the 1960′s. Photos were by Jim Vestal.

It looks like seven high schools had a student correspondant contributing stories for the page. On the next page the County Office of Education was unveiling plans for a new facility at Dairy Creek, then a part of Camp San Luis.

The Brown’s Music Store top 20 list is an ad at the bottom of the page. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Motown, Mamas and the Papas and Broadway were all represented; some more than once. You can still hear many of the tunes on classic rock radio. Yeah, Zorba’s my ringtone.

2-3-66-dress-up-day-jr-hi.jpg1.    These Boots are made for Walkin’
2.    My Love
3.    California Dreamin’
4.    Day Tripper/We Can Work it Out
5.    Cryin’ Time
6.    I Fought The Law
7.    My World is Empty Without You
8.    What New My Love
9.    Uptight
10.    Lightning Strikes
11.    Michelle
12.    In My Room
13.    Georgianne
14.    Night Time
15.    Theme From Zorba the Greek
16.    No Matter What Shape
17.    Brown Paper Sack
18.    Five O’clock World
19.    You Baby
20.    Batman Theme

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