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Jan 31

Cockfighting in San Luis Obispo County

October 19, 1966 The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department busted a cockfighting operation in the Nipomo area this week. With assistance from the Humane Society, five men were arrested, their breeding and training operation with than 2,000 birds was documented.Over 40 years ago Sheriff Larry Mansfield was embroiled in a cockfighting controversy. Quoting from …

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Jan 29

1969 Floods Day 11-12

If you are tired of seeing stories about rain, this is the last post on the floods of ’69. I was trying to recreate the relentless nature of the storms with the daily postings but after this I am returning to the usual three posts a week cycle. It takes longer to research items when …

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Jan 28

1969 Floods Day 10

January 28, 1969 Below the brand new Lopez dam flooding was unusually light. Upstream 78-year-old Heinie Nelson was fighting to survive. A preliminary report had appeared the day before but this edition had a fuller account. Quoting from the Gilbert Moore story: “Friday night,” said Heinie, “the first thing that went was the pump. Then …

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Jan 27

1969 Floods Day 9

Elisha Holmes, (left) and Elbert Williams (house in background) both lost homes in Paso Robles. January 27, 1969 This time it was the North County’s turn. It is typical for Santa Margarita to hold the mark for most rainfall in the county but in this 24-hour period Paso Robles edged into the lead with 2.01 …

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Jan 26

1969 Floods Day 8


January 26, 1969 The then Telegram-Tribune did not have a Sunday edition in the 1960′s, but that did not stop the epic rain. The water kept rising, this time the North County was hit hard. Reporter/Photographer Michael Raphael made the photo above Sunday in the North County. If you recognize the location add a comment. …

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Jan 25

1969 Floods Day 7

January 25, 1969 The previous Sunday had set a record for daily rainfall with 5.6 in. Friday night washed away that mark with 5.9 inches. The month had now leapfrogged into history as the wettest January on record.The California Highway Patrol urged motorists not to drive unless the need was urgent. Little Morro Creek was …

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Jan 24

1969 floods Day 6

January 24, 1969 Gov. Ronald Reagan declared the county a disaster area, the first step in qualifying it for federal funds. Stories from earlier in the week were still being discovered. Royal Farms lost 8,000 chickens to drowning at their Buckley Road egg ranch. Manager Alan Johnson and the staff were working on saving the …

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Jan 23

1969 Floods Day 5

Car trapped in the Johnson Ave. railroad underpass. January 23, 1969 Wednesday to Thursday brought a much-needed break in the rain. It wouldn’t last long. All the highways were open for the first time since the rains began, even Highway 1 to Big Sur, though it was down to one lane in places. Reporter Dorie …

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Jan 22

1969 Floods Day 4

Avila Beach flooding. Telegram-Tribune photo by Michael Raphael January 22, 1969 After four days of pounding rain the last 24 hours brought a mere .69 inches of rain. Damage estimates doubled again to $2 million. In a Dorie Bentley story Pismo Beach mayor Joe Rose told councilmen “Without state and federal aid our city is …

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Jan 21

1969 Floods Day 3

View Larger Map January 21, 1969 When the big rains came photographers fanned out to the low spots to find photos. In 1969 anywhere near a stream had flood potential. Reporter/Photographer Michael Raphael covered the flooding in Avila Beach that drove 30 families from their homes. In San Luis Obispo 2.46 inches fell, less than …

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