Mar 12

1916 May Pole


May 1916

Readers I need your help. All the information we have on this one is “Students meet at Mitchell Park in 1916 for a dance festival.” I am guessing this is a maypole and they are celebrating May Day on May 1st.

Any ideas?

I’ll see if the May 1, 1916 microfilm has anything about this on Friday afternoon and update the post if I find anything.



In the May 1, 1916 edition of the Daily Telegram in fine print of page 5 under the heading Upcoming Events

May 5, May Day festival by city schools, afternoon

I could not find any event coverage in the editions on the 5th or 6th. The Daily Telegram was a tabloid that prided itself on being a quick read. You can’t edit much tighter than that.

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