Apr 28

Pismo Beach — Town of Opportunity, Lots only $500

1-5-1924-pismo.jpgJanuary 5, 1924

Ever since the Gold Rush the state of California has been the Promised Land for dreamers and schemers. A reason state budgets here are so difficult to craft is that over the course of a decade the population can change radically. For example in the 1980′s California’s population increased by 6.1 million a bump of over 25%.
In 2005-2006 more people left California for other states than migrated here. Yet in spite of that exodus the state’s population still grew by 500,000 as births and foreign immigration outpaced deaths.
No wonder developers love this state.
Here’s hoping you got a deal as good as the one advertised here in the 1924 Daily Telegram. Pismo Heights lots were selling from between $300-500.

Pismo Heights invites you to share in her opportunities
Pismo Beach is a town of opportunity – replete with attractions for those intent on business expansion-and as a place in which to live and prosper.
There is no limit to the growth of Pismo Beach, and those who are wise enough to get ahold of some lots in Pismo Heights today are going to be the wealthy residents of the future.

Continuing with our series of American cars that aren’t made anymore. The 1924 Packard advertisment uses adjectives like smooth, quiet and heavy. A larger steering wheel makes driving easier. An important consideration when your car is so heavy it needs 4 wheel brakes and has artillery type wheels. $2,585 will put you in the driver’s seat. Buy it now and the decimal moves to the right two places but today a car maker wouldn’t dream of offending half their market with an exclusionary slogan.
“Ask the Man Who Owns One”
Note to marketing department, stuff like this can drive you out of business. Oh you are out of business? Nevermind.

If you have a time machine make the right choice, the property is the better investment.

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