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May 29

Prom Night 1989


San Luis Obispo High School seniors Daniel Lucas and Anna Boyd strike a classic pose in contemporary attire at the prom.©Jeffrey May/Telegram Tribune Prom is a sign the school year is winding down and graduations are just around the corner. In 1989 there was a scheduling snafu and the San Luis Obispo High Prom fell …

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May 28

Lopez Lake dedicated


May, 24, 1969 40 years ago Lopez Lake was dedicated, but the dam had already saved the south county. In past flood years nothing slowed the raging waters of the grand arroyo. Old flood photos are spectacular, water smashing through the old town of Arroyo Grande. Sometimes dunites were isolated for days until the creek …

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May 26

Greyhound Bus Station

January 7, 1969 His camouflage jacket reads: I made love in Viet-Nam not war South China Sea Surfing Association Viet-Nam chapter Pleiku Vietnam 67-68 I found myself in a metaphysical conversation the other day. A plumber made the argument that life on earth could be a form of purgatory, a place between Heaven and Hell. …

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May 21

World War 1 bond drives

  A decorated vehicle of World War I vintage was used as a float in a bond drive parade. It is pictured here moving up Monterey St. in front of the Stag Billiard Parlor. The original picture came from Zaidee Andrews. As Memorial day arrives a few notes from 1918.They called it the Great War …

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May 20

1969 Furniture Sale and RCA Television Consoles

January 3, 1969 I must be a cynic. Does anyone believe that anyone got as excited as the woman in the McMahon’s ad about a 10% off sale? She is at force 7 Beatlemania frenzy. In case you were worried, the sale is a PUBLIC SALE. It is an American tradition that we get excited …

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May 18

Election Day 1968

Off season elections never get the turnout of big presidential elections. Special elections get even less. The rascals who write propositions and the 30 second television spots count on this. The reality is we get the government that people who show up vote for. Democracy is precious. The right to choose your representatives and decide …

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May 15

John Madden, Jim Lonborg


February 2, 1969 Two local sports notables were featured in this day’s paper.John Madden came to San Luis Obispo as a member of the Cal Poly Football team. The 1957 team he played on had only one loss, a team of Marines from San Diego. At age 33 he was the youngest head coach in …

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May 13

Pope John Paul II leads mass at Laguna Seca, California

September 17, 1987 Pope Benedict XVI is currently touring Israel. His predecessor Pope John Paul II set a record for pastoral travel. According to Wikipedia he made 104 trips outside Italy in his less than 27 years as pontiff. He was born Karol Józef Wojtyła in Poland on May of 1920. He was the first …

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May 11

WWII Planes in Paso Robles

In 2007 I had a chance to fly from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo in a World War II era Consolidated B-24 Liberator flown by the Collings Foundation. It was a huge thrill. About a month ago my wife’s mom took a flight in a B-17 and she said the same thing.  Click on …

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May 10

The Class of 2000, Sue Babcock Retires

September 12, 1987 It began in Room 1 of Sinsheimer Elementary School over 20 years ago. City editor Mike Stover came up with the idea. Mike had the crazed or inspired idea to follow the same group of kids from kindergarten to graduation in the year 2000. We were a little mad when USA Today …

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