May 15

John Madden, Jim Lonborg

02-06-1969-john-madden.jpgFebruary 2, 1969
Two local sports notables were featured in this day’s paper.John Madden came to San Luis Obispo as a member of the Cal Poly Football team.
The 1957 team he played on had only one loss, a team of Marines from San Diego. At age 33 he was the youngest head coach in professional football, named by Al Davis of the Raiders.
Madden would lead the Raiders to a championship  in the 1976 season with a 32-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. He never had a losing record.
Oh and a pretty good broadcaster, and that video game thing seemed to work out well too.
His retirement from broadcasting will leave a an empty spot in Sunday NFL games. Perhaps he’ll have time to revive the John Madden golf tournament that used to be a charity Cal Poly fund raiser.

 Jim Lonborg has been featured in the Vault before. He was a San Luis High School star before pitching for the Red Sox. Here the sports editor Johnny Nettleship wrote the story about a potential baseball strike, er, mass holdout.
Say it ain’t so.

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