Aug 30

Cuesta Grade Truck hangs in the balance



1971-07-07-grade-accident.jpgJuly 7, 1971
The Cuesta  Grade has gone through at least two major remodels since these photos were made. A divider was added and then more recently the road expanded to three lanes. It was a wild road with a single lane in each direction before it was expanded in the 1930′s.

Here is the front page copy block.

Cuesta Grade brinkmanship

Highway 101 near the foot of Cuesta Grade was closed shortly before noon today to get this rig back on the roadway. Terry R. Mills of Wasco was northbound at 4:30 a.m. when he ran out of fuel. He parked on the shoulder and went on foot to get some. While gone, the tractor and trailer loaded with foodstuff took off and settled on the brink of disaster. The highway patrol said there was no injury.


Photo by Wayne Nicholls

Anyone have a favorite Cuesta Grade story to share?

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