Aug 23

Diablo Reactor vessel


July 12, 1971
1971-07-13-diablo-reactor.jpgEarlier this month Diablo Canyon showed off a new reactor vessel head. The massive 70-ton unit took three weeks to travel by highway from Mt. Vernon Indiana.

Quoting David Sneed’s copy

The vessel head is one of the main components of a nuclear reactor and maintains pressure within the water cooled reactor.
The old reactor head, which is slightly radioactive, will be stored in the same building that houses the plant’s eight steam generators, which were also recently replaced. The building is in a canyon behind the plant.
The plant’s other reactor head will be replaced next year.

If you want to see the pot the lid is going on turn the clock back to 1971. The 201-ton lower reactor vessel internal is designed to hold the reactor fuel and rod clusters in place. Too big for highway travel, Westinghouse Corp. made the unit in Pensacola, Florida and delivered it to Port San Luis at the end of June. The moving rig had 192 tires. No word on how long it took to check tire pressure and brakes but it took the unit four hours to cover the 7 miles to the plant.

The Bigge moving rig appears to be aptly named.

Photo by Wayne Nicholls

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