Aug 14

The Neighbors laughed when I sent away for Free Color Film


November 25, 1968

Who remembers film?
I still think is is cool to look at old negatives and think that a piece of film saw a unique moment in time. This blog lives on prints, microfilm and old photographic negatives.

On the other side, I don’t miss mixing stinky chemicals, searching for negatives, seeing the best image of the day appear as the frame counter sticks at 37, having to carry a handful of film back into the office at the end of the day and discovering the key roll had rolled under the car seat. Stop me if I am rambling. I could come up with another ten reasons to dislike film.

These ads used to run all the time in the paper. Film and processing were expensive and amateur photographers often looked for ways to cut costs. Often these deals, like this from the Famous Brand film company involved film that was surplus movie stock that required special processing. The film is free but the processing….say I don’t see any mention of that here.

When I worked at a photo lab we dreaded the odd film. We couldn’t process the film and when people brought in developed negatives to print they always came out with strange color shifts.

And what’s up with the smiley guy in the striped shirt? Weeks later he is still wearing the same shirt! And why does his whole family have to wear striped shirts?

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