Sep 21

1970 Harvest Festival


October 10, 1970

1970-10-12-harvest-parade1.jpgChalk it up to poor planning. Both Arroyo Grande’s Harvest festival and Paso Robles’ Pioneer Day fell on the same date to start off the 1970′s. Since today’s organizers plan better Photos from the Vault can run the photos on different days.

The 33rd grand marshal was someone who had traveled in space. Walter Cunningham was flying as pilot of Apollo VII almost exactly two years earlier.
The mission was to work out the bugs in the command and service module and clear the way for the lunar orbit and landing missions to follow. They were the first mission to effectively transmit television photos of the crew floating weightless in space.

Other parade entries included Cub scouts from pack 42 wear astronaut and alien costumes. A smiling couple with a bear on a leash riding in their bed of a pickup truck.

The 1966 Harvest Festival Parade was documented here last year.
The 72nd annual Harvest festival is this weekend. Click on the Upcoming Events listing for more details.


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