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Mission San Miguel


July 20, 1966
1966-07-22-san-miguel-cannon.jpgThe further back you go into the Vault the less organized things are. It should have been easy to match the images of Native Americans dancing at Mission San Miguel with an article. The only article I could find near that date in the microfilm was one about an unrelated subject, the return of an over 250-year-old stolen cannon. Still looking for the cannon negatives.
Negatives found, story here.
If you have any information on the Native American dance photo please post a comment.

Quoting the July 22, 1966 article on the cannon:

Mission cannon recovered

SAN MIGUEL– A 269-year-old Spanish cannon stolen from Old Mission San Miguel near a year ago came back home Thursday after being hidden for months in a barn on the outskirts of Salinas.
The heavy, weather-beaten piece of weaponry was welcomed gleefully by the padres and brothers of the mission all of whom felt a personal loss when the cannon was spirited away last Aug. 29.
And it gave some members of the San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s department just as much satisfaction in being able to return it.
Lt. Lloyd Duty and Deputy Jim Johnson were hailed as heroes when their pickup truck rolled onto the mission grounds with the old cast iron cannon.

The article went on to say the gun was cast in Spain in 1697. It found its way into the possession of the Mexican Army where it was abandoned near the mission in 1846 while retreating from the California Battalion led by John C. Frémont.
After the cannon was stolen the sheriff’s office followed up on a tip that it was north across the county line. Monterey officers assisted in the investigation and recovered the stolen relic. No charges had been filed at the time of the article.


Founded in 1797 Mission San Miguel is a National Historical Landmark with much of the original decorative  paint on the walls. The sanctuary has been closed since the San Simeon Earthquake of 2003 but it reopensed this weekend after structural retrofitting. More restoration is planned for future phases.

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