Oct 28

Schilling’s Best Coffee

schillingw.jpgMay 6, 1916

Some advertising campaigns work, brands like Folgers and Maxwell House have become household names.

Others like Schilling’s Best didn’t make the cut. They make the mistake in the copy of saying they can’t describe the flavor. Oops. Call it something, rich Kona beans hand picked in hills of Hawaii. There, I could be an advertising¬† copy writer.
Next the copy demands that you try their product. No subtle persuasion and the coffee can label is the plainest I have ever seen. Then the copy says the product is economical, but not cheap, but goes a long way. Now I’m confused, maybe the picture will help.

The picture shows a guy holding on to the table during an earthquake, or wishing there was more toast and coffee. Let alone the subliminal message, our coffee makes you lose your hair.

The copy reads:

Ah! thats’s coffee!

Fine coffee has a flavor that can’t be described–you must taste it to know. You must come down to breakfast some morning–soon–and start the day right with one or two cups of Schilling’s Best. You, too, will say “ah! that’s coffee!”
Shilling’s Best is fine coffee, protected in its goodness by vacuum-sealed tins. Using these tins makes such coffee possible, by permitting us to grind it evenly, take out the objectionable chaff and seal-in the full flavor or fresh roasted coffee.
Its economy is astonishing, although the price by the pound is not low. It goes further than any coffee we know of. When you use Schilling’s Best, it’s well to follow directions.
Sold only through grocers.

Or at least it used to be.

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