Nov 05

First World War, Fourth Bond Drive

1918-war-bonds.jpgOctober 3 and 6, 1918

War was treated differently by America in the early 20th Century as these advertisements attest. Citizens financed the war directly through bond issues. This was the fourth bond drive of the war.

These ads ran on an almost daily basis during the drive, co-sponsored by a local business. Articles in the news pages marked the local progress in bond sales and local bond drive committees would approach prominent local citizens if they had not contributed and ask why.

The advertisements varied from an stark appeal with the image of a fallen soldier and the headline “This Man Has Paid” to belligerent “Now You Listen!” with a dough boy facing off against a mustachioed Hun. The ads voiced a sense of shame on those who did not in some way share in the sacrifice.

The “America Never Quits” tag line is still seen on bumper stickers today, over 90 years later.

Public events were hampered by the outbreak of Spanish Influenza about this time but America’s entry into the war was turning the tide for western Europe.

According to Wikipedia the Liberty Bond effort raised $21.5 billion for the war, a little less than 10% of the $300 billion cost. By way of comparison just before the war Wiki says in 1913 total federal expenditures were $927 million.


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