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Playboy centerfold-Miss December, Janet Quist

1978-11-14-Playboy-playmateNovember 14, 1978

Guys are easily distracted. There are whole stores devoted to their distractions called liquor stores.
Speaking from an over-simplified male perspective, we usually shop with a sense of single-minded purpose. It goes back to caveman days, find mastodon, bring down mastodon, build fire, celebrate.
Modern caveman go to liquor store, buy beer, beer nuts and magazine, celebrate.
So why are these guys standing around with dazed grins on their faces?
Miss December, Janet Quist, 23, was in San Luis Obispo, promoting sales of Playboy, signing autographs.
More than 500 spectators crowded the store during the hour she was there.
The Cork ‘n’ Bottle liquor store on Foothill Blvd. was location chosen because it was the largest peddler of Playboy in the city.
Sales jumped, about 200 copies sold at $2.50 each, though one student pushed forward his history book to be signed. He said he needed inspiration for an exam.
Quoting from the unbylined story:

Ms. Quist, a 5-foot-7-inch blond from Austin, Texas, said she isn’t bothered by people who stare at her. About 20 women also showed up to get a look at the tastefully dressed model, but as one observer noted, “they weren’t standing around like the guys.”

The then Telegram-Tribune ran a small photo on an inside page (A-8).
Can’t accuse them of using sex to sell the paper off news racks.
The photo is a wry observation on male behavior by photographer Wayne Nicholls though a slightly different photo was originally published than the negative notched.

Women might ask if this post is a naked attempt to use sex to boost traffic
on the blog.

Men didn’t read this far, they are still looking at the picture.

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