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Science abolishes monotony, making life better

1926-04-13-scienceApril 13, 1926

This three deck headline on page eight tells all you need to know.

Science abolishes monotony, making life better

Same principles of efficiency in factory and office now applied to American homes

Old Saying That “Woman’s Work Is Never Done” Will Be Forgotten When All Homes Have Modern Appliances.

Just goes to show newspapers, psychics, weather forecasters all have varying degrees of accuracy when it comes to predicting the future.
Don’t try and read the copy. Blah, blah, blah, blah — a whole page of the most boring prose ever written built around a slate of ads for gas stoves. Actually the entire page is thinly veiled boosterism for new gas appliances, advertising is almost seamless with the editorial copy. This was a frequent trend in the early century. Front pages would have news but the pages deep inside the paper would be about the sale.
Google calls it “relevance” today. The editorial content returned in a Google search generates a series of ads that are related to the query words. They don’t understand why print media segregates advertising and editorial content.
Some of the booster information was useful, society was changing from horse and buggy to automobile, from wood stoves to gas, oil lamps to electricity. The harbinger of change can be found in a small ad relegating the wood stove to the bargain bin.
Change was also coming in the media world. During the mid-20th century most newspapers and magazines began to move away from the practice of having news pages devoted to cheerleading for advertisers. Today an editor would be laughed out of town with this page.

Exhibit A:
The centerpiece of the page features a young flapper called Mrs. Newlywed teasing her husband with a stack of pancakes. Mr. Newlywed looks like Joseph Stalin and waves a fork around with a smile. Apparently they can’t afford to decorate their home so they plaster the walls with propaganda signs that extol the joys of gas. Apparently the artist ran out of slogans because only five of the six are readable.
The funniest reads — GAS makes a contented husband.
Times have changed, no one today likes a gassy husband.
But at least monotony has been abolished.

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