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Corsets, Biscuts and Circuses

1907-5-15-ads-Morning-TribuneMay 15, 1907

Three ads stacked on a page of the Morning Tribune.

Corsets were part of any well dressed woman’s wardrobe at the time. I don’t think anyone was running marathons in these. They look like they allow for a thimble full of air or food and not much else. The copy reads;

Of San Luis County centers here because W.B. Corsets are known as the standard of excellence all over America.
W.B. Corsets
Are here in all sizes including medium low Bust and long hip models for full figures. Corsets both serviceable and dainty.

Have long held position as best Gloves sold on Pacific Coast. Just now we are stocked with long Gloves, Kid, Chamois and Silk Black, White – Colors.
D.D. Snyder Co.


I’m not sure if A.L. Dutton was selling one Dixie Biscuit at a time or if he was selling a biscut mix.


Get the kiddies together, excitement is coming to town in the form of The Great C.T. Burch Shows. The copy shows the era’s fear of understatement :

The Great C.T. Burch Shows
Royal Roman Hippodrome
Aerial Enclave
Big Double Menagerie
Educational Museum
The Greatest Congress of Performing Animals in the World
350 Educated Animals 350
Trained Pigs
Trained Goats
Trained Tigers
Trained Ponies
Trained Zebus
Trained Birds
Trained Pumas
Trained Dogs
Trained Camels
Trained Sacred Cattle
Trained Tapirs
Trained Dromedaries
Trained Cassowary
Trained Ant Eaters
Trained Bos Indicus
Trained Llamas
20 – Funny Clowns – 20
Lilliputian Performers, Troupes of Acrobats. Scores of Gymnasts, Bycyclists, Jugglers, Wire and Rope Walkers, Necromancers, Atheletes, and Japanese Performers.

Popular Prices.

Glad they cleared up the uncertainty about the clowns. Nobody wants to see the unfunny ones. Circuses were still coming to the area as late as the 1980′s but changing tastes, higher expenses, competition with modern media and heightened concern about the treatment of animals have all but ended this form of entertainment. Come to think of it, there aren’t many corset makers around anymore either.

I would take a good biscuit.

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