Apr 09

Avila Beach

1968-05-30-Avila-crowdMay 30, 1968
The summer season was beginning at Avila Beach. Much has changed since 1968. Union Oil tanks are gone, the old rust roofed buildings are gone and the restrooms and sidewalk have been changed.
On the other hand, folks still come to the beach for sun and lifeguards scan the horizon for trouble.

I remember visiting the beach one summer when it was so hot it was hard to walk on the dry sand without running. There were so many tar spots on the beach that dad would clean our feet off with a gasoline soaked rag before we got in the car. Haven’t seen this issue come up so much since they stopped pumping oil out to the tankers. Just sayin’.

Photo by David Ranns

Any Avila memories you want to share?

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