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Scrubby and Lloyd’s, best burger of all time

Ask an old timer where the best burgers in town were from.
They’ll say Scrubby and Lloyds.
The little hole-in-the-wall cafe had a worn U shaped Formica counter-top with stools all around and quickly filled up with locals at lunchtime.
My grandfather took us to town one summer when my cousin and I worked at the ranch. We all ordered chili burgers with cheese and when Grandpa Lionel tipped a few drops of Tabasco sauce on his plate. My younger cousin Brian asked what the red bottle had in it.
Grandpa said, “This makes it good.”
That was reason enough for Brian who smacked the bottle, hard, all over his dish.
After a bite, Brian, steam boiling out of his ears,  was reaching for his milk and downed it in one gulp.
The burger mecca was demolished when New Times covered the lot with a new building.

Librarian Sharon Morem found this photo by Robert Dyer and article by David Wilcox from April 9 1990.

Newlyweds Lori and Tracy Biller paused between the altar and the reception to chow down at Scrubby and Lloyd's cafe Saturday. Telegram-Tribune photo by Robert Dyer ©2010

It’s burgers a deux for bridal couple

Tracy Biller and Lori Zeno had just wolfed down a couple of double-bacon hamburgers at Scrubby and Lloyd’s Cafe and were in a hurry.
About 300 guests awaited the couple’s arrival at the Madonna Inn, where Biller and Zeno — married a short time earler inside the Old Mission Church — were holding their wedding reception.
Biller washed down his last bite with a sip of champagne.
Ah, burgers and bubbly.
“I personally think we ate better than our party,” smiled Biller as he exited the Carmel Street diner’s screen door.
The burgers were the newlywed’s first meal.
To be sure, every head turned when the couple stepped out of their white limousine and the pages of Bride Magazine to join about a dozen patrons at the San Luis Obispo burger stand’s Formica counter at about 12:30 Saturday afternoon.
“I’ve never eaten with so many people staring at me,” said Biller.
Biller, 30, quickly introduced himself and his bride to the curious lunch crowd. He explained that they swung by the burger joint to grab a bite before heading to join everyone else.
Newlyweds, he figured, rarely get to eat at their own reception.
“Hell, let’s eat at Scrubby and Lloyd’s,” Biller said he told Zeno. “They make the best burgers in the world.”
After a quick round of congratulations, the customers calmly returned to their own meals.
Zeno, 24, was more than happy to go along with Biller’s plans.
“We love hamburgers.”
She didn’t seem too worried about mustard or grease staining her sparkling white dress.
“Hell no,” she said when asked if she was concerned. “I’ll never wear it again.”
As if there wasn’t already enough to remember Saturday, Biller phoned in his order so the burgers were ready when the couple and wedding photographer Judy Phillips arrived.
No, Phillips never exhorted the couple to “say cheese.”
So, why Scrubby and Lloyd’s?”
Biller said he and some teammates made “two or three” Scrubby and Lloyd’s burgers a routine pre-game meal when he quarterbacked Cal Poly’s football team in the early 1980s.
A short time after he started dating Zeno — a two-time All-America vollyball player at UCLA — Biller said he brought her to Scrubby and Lloyd’s for “the best burgers ever.”

Do you have a story about Scrubby and Lloyd’s, or want to nominate another best burger of all time?

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