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Aug 30

Biplane races car

Daily Telegram July 10, 1911

Aviation pioneers had a strong attraction to the soft landings provided by sand dunes. The Wright Brothers had Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Fred Wiseman had Pismo Beach. Thanks to Paso Robles blogger, Dave Skinner, for sharing the link to more Wiseman information. In December 1903 Orville and Wilbur first took to the sky. Inspired by …

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Aug 28

Great Biplane and Automobile Race at Pizmo Beach

July 6, 1911 Daily Telegram

Have you heard? Big doings Sunday in Pizmo Beach. Mix gasoline with testosterone and you get racing blood. We see it all the time today, cars on the beach, a yellow biplane flying overhead but this story-line is almost a century old. Turn the calendar back to 1911 when both modes of transportation were in …

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Aug 26

Play it twice Freddie, We Are the Champions

A crowd gathers in San Luis Obispo's Mission Plaza to celebrate college and high school football championships.  Telegram-Tribune/Wayne Nicholls

Unprecedented in the state and perhaps the nation, one city simultaneously celebrated university and high school football championships. The magical season began thirty years ago for Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo High School. San Luis had lost to Lompoc earlier in the season 15-11. The Tigers finished the season with a 7-0 upset win …

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Aug 24

Limited outlook

Even on a calm day this sheep dog would have a hairy problem viewing the world so it's doubtful the animal saw much of this countryside along Highway 46 east of Paso Robles. ©2010 Mark Aronoff/The Tribune Originally published March 9, 1979

Aug 22

I am a Cougar and I Ain’t Lion

Referee Joe Brudage, first casualty Juanita Booth, college nursing program director, brought him back quickly. Faculty/student basketball game featuring FATS (Faculty Athletic Training Society) against the varsity in the old Camp San Luis Obispo gym. ©Michael Raphael/The Tribune

Cuesta had a band? A theme song? Why did this tradition die out? Paging Cuesta Cougar, Cuesta Cougar to the white courtesy phone. From the March 13, 1969 then Telegram-Tribune Annual game FATS (faculty) wins at Cuesta By Mike Raphael Staff Writer Capitalizing on a slam-bang attack, Cuesta College’s “FATS” (Faculty Athletic Training Society) thoroughly …

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Aug 19

Early days of the San Luis Obispo post office


Civilization arrives with the post office. When you can send and receive mail your town is no longer howling wilderness, it is on the map. The 1890 Tribune took a moment to review the American history of the San Luis Obispo Post Office as it moved to a new building on Higuera Street. The town …

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Aug 17

Don’t call this hobby pointless, barbed wire collectors

Barbed wire collectors meet at fairgrounds, M.L. (Bud) Park is one of the county's charter members. © Michael Raphael/Telegram-Tribune

The wide open spaces of the west were more open before the invention of barbed wire. The idea began in 1867 with two inventors adding points to smooth wire and a year later Michael Kelly created the first commercially successful product. The idea took root and soon there were over 570 patents for the thorny …

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Aug 15

Making sense of the census, 1890 school outlook

The Tribune June 6, 1890

San Luis Obispo was isolated cow town, connected to the world of commerce via the steam ships at Port Harford by a narrow gauge railway twice a day. A third train departed and connected to points south with the terminus at Los Olivos. The town had a population of about 4,000 and the three major …

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Aug 12

Montgomery Queen, King of the Showmen!

Circus ad San Luis Obispo Tribune July 29, 1876

In August of our nation’s centennial year there was big time entertainment coming to town. Montgomery Queen, the self proclaimed “King of Showmen!”  came to the county giving two performances daily during four consecutive dates. The locations were from Arroyo Grande to Paso de Robles. They must have been yeoman movers to make the move …

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Aug 10

“Attention! This is the Hair Police! Come out with your sideburns trimmed!”

Telegram-Tribune page published Dec. 10 1968 documenting protests.

High school administrators dream of the days when the biggest controversy on campus was hair length. Today they juggle funding issues, test scores, curriculum as well as drugs, campus violence, gangs, teen pregnancy…hey I don’t see haircuts anywhere on this list. This story ripped from the headlines show Jon Dallons, 15, with a Beatle style …

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