Sep 07

Prize winners at Pinedorado

1966 Pinedorado sweepstakes winner "Saturday Night 1866". ©The Tribune

©The Tribune

Not many local festivals can boast that one of their judges had won a Nobel Peace Prize. Oh yours won one? Ours won two, the only person who has won two undivided Nobel Prizes.
The organizers of the 18th annual Pinedorado celebration were able to bring in Linus Pauling, Big Sur resident, as a judge for the event. His prizes were for Chemistry [1954] and Peace [1962]. Perhaps he was inspired to promote taking vitamin C for colds by the perpetual fog that hovers over the coast.

Pinedorado #18  was billed as the most successful in its history with over 60 entries.
Cambria Pines Realty was the sweepstakes winner with its float titled “Saturday Night 1866″ a man in a washtub being given a shampoo by his wife.
Coastal parades often boast a entries with a quirky sense of humor. This year three musicians plugged mouthpieces into dried kelp and played patriotic marches. Even better they broke the arrangement into in three parts, uh, guess you can’t call it stereo. Trilophonic is the word I’ll use.
Back in 1966 Morro Bay also hosted Their seventh annual Rock-O-Rama lighted boat parade. Today the lighted parade is held before Christmas.
San Luis Obispo had a big square dance at the Veteran’s building and a big crowd was camping at the sand dunes south of Oceano. Both Jim Vestal and Jack Wilson were credited with photos from the weekend.

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