Oct 17

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, 1955 Men’s fashion

November 2, 1955 Telegram-Tribune ad

Dave Berg was a cartoonist for Mad magazine for more than 40 years. He created the magazine’s feature “The Lighter Side of” feature that poked fun of current sociology.
He would regularly draw friends and family members. One of the recurring characters was the pipe smoking dad. His drawings looked like ordinary people and some of the befuddled dad images were self-portraits.
He could have taken this advertising image as a model for one of his cartoons. Apparently the pipe smoking man-about-town was an icon of the era.

This ad from November 2, 1955 gives vital fashion advice.

Men — take a tip that always pays off in compliments —try our NONCHALANT sport coat

…and you’ll be getting the new unpadded look…fabrics in smart woven-stripes and other effects…new dark colors…striped linings. No sportcoat could add more to your appearance! And you’ll be getting Balanced Tailoring, too! This famous needle-work technique “gentles’ in the easy lines with hand-stitching, then secures them with sturdy machine sewing, so that the good-looks last. Come see our Nonchalants today —
They’re only $39.50

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