Nov 15

Higuera Street postcard

Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo from postcard

Blake Andrews shared this post card of Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. I am guessing this is the early 1950′s though if you have a better guess from the make of the cars please post a comment. Higuera was a two way street then, with no trees planted but lots of awnings on the south facing side of the street. The clock tower was still atop the Warden building at the corner of Chorro Street. F.W  Woolworth Co. department store was open for business at the far left, now the Network Mall.
This was the state of the art regional shopping center at the time. This appears to be pre-parking meter but post traffic light era.

Thanks for sharing the photo Blake, if you have an image to share on the blog send a 2MB jpg to dmiddlecamp[at]thetribunenews.com, replace the [at] with the usual symbol. Those Tribune readers with long memories will recall Blake is a member of the Class of 2000 that the Tribune documented in a long-term project. His photography website is linked here.
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