Jan 15

Beware of riff raff oil

Union Oil ad August 9, 1954 from the Telegram-Tribune

I was mistaken, I thought oil was oil.
Apparently some petroleum distillates come from a better class of dead dinosaurs. Think about it next time you are at the poolside cabana enjoying a cold beverage, cucumber sandwiches and fingering your humongous fake pearls from Sacks Fifth Avenue of Beverly Hills.
Quoting the entirely tastefully minimalist copy from the August 9, 1954 Telegram-Tribune:

Like all of the really fine things in life 7600 gasoline is worth more because it does more.
Union Oil 76 Company of California
The West’s Oldest and Largest Independent Oil Company

Of course they were trying to separate themselves from the other independent oil dealers of the era. If you want to see what the little people put in their cars look here.

Another energy related ad on the page advertised three types of geiger counters for sale.
We’ll all be rich after we strike uranium in the back yard. Still waiting for my nuclear powered car.


Geiger Counter

“Snooper” — $29.95
“Lucky Strike” — $99.50
“Professional” — $139.50

Free information

No Obilgation

Precision Gieger Counter ad 1954

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