Jan 13

Hearst Castle zebras

Zebras graze along Highway 1 with Hearst Castle in background. First published November 23, 1987. ©David Middlecamp/The Tribune

Sometimes you can pre-visualize a photograph and then happens. I wanted to get a photo of Hearst Ranch zebras lined up with the castle in the background. I’m sure it happens a lot, but to be honest it does not happen that often for me. In 25 years of shooting photos on the Central Coast it has happened for me exactly once, back in 1987.
Fortunately for me I had good late afternoon light, a nice cloud to give texture to the sky and a set of cooperative zebras.
They are wild animals, they always see me from a long way off and often turn away and amble over the next hill when I get out of the car.
I have stopped for photos a few more times since, made some color photos from Highway 1 or behind San Simeon but none have the charm that this image has.
You can tell when one of our old prints is popular, this one was stamped with at least three usage dates.
Recently the zebras have been in the news.

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