Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 27

The return of Pismo Lake

Pismo Marsh is being dredged by federal and state crews to return it to its original state — a lake. ©Doug Parker/Telegram-Tribune published 7-11-1986 Read the paper enough years and you get a strong sense of d

Feb 23

Dolly Parton at the Mid-State Fair

Dolly Parton at the Mid-State Fair August 10, 1986. ©The Tribune/David Middlecamp Dolly Parton is a dynamic performer, iconic figure and vivacious personality. Often this overshadows the fact that she has penned many of her biggest hits including "Jolene", "Coat of Many Colors" and "I Will Always Love You". Songwriters can only dream of the …

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Feb 21

Doings of the Duffs

Oct. 10, 1917 Telegram In the era before easy access to photo engraving or stock illustrations, newspapers often had a staff artist. Walter Allman didn't have much interest in an early job in the grain business and he spent his time drawing on the sides of boxes and crates. Soon his talent landed a job …

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Feb 19

Blood Alley, Highway 46

FATAL ACCIDENT: CDF firefighters examine the wreckage of a car that was buried Monday afternoon when a semi-truck lost all 22 crates in the second trailer on Highway 46 near Whitley Gardens. ©Maggie White/Telegram-Tribune Highway 46 East is slowly being converted from Blood Alley. I say slowly because though the Tribune has covered the road's …

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Feb 13

Alabama performs at the Mid-State Fair, seven times

Alabama lead singer Randy Owen performs with the group at the Mid-State Fair 8-10-1985. ©Telegram-Tribune/Robert Dyer My record collection begins alphabetically with the Allman Brothers but I must confess a guilty hankering for an ABBA greatest hits album. This is a direct result of seeing Richard Thompson present an acoustic rendition of "Money, Money, Money" …

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Feb 11

Parking meters, swear at 'em or swear by 'em

John Anderson repairs meters for the City of San Luis Obispo. 5/24/1976 ©Telegram-Tribune/Thom Halls When I came to town pennies had a use. They were worth something like 6 minutes on the parking meter. Some cities like Paso Robles have resisted them. Others like Pismo Beach have high technology meters that spit out paper and …

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Feb 09

Santa Manuela School

1921, Santa Manuela School near present day Lopez Dam. Photo courtesy South County Historical Society Leading up to the Arroyo Grande Centennial, this information from the South County Historical Society who provided the photo. If you want to learn more about the history of the region this and other stories can be found in the …

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Feb 06

Isobutane tanker cars derail, Grover Beach evacuated

Southern Pacific tanker derailment forces evacuation in what is now Grover Beach. August 11, 1986 edition of the then Telegram-Tribune.

If things went wrong, we were dead, along with everyone in sight around us. Isobutane is unforgiving. A liquid under pressure, it becomes a gas when the pressure is released, making it a fuel for camp stoves or cigarette lighters. At the scene of an isobutane train derailment in what was then Grover City on …

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Feb 03

Hangwell Trousers

Ad from the Telegram July 17, 1907. Hangwell Trousers. That is a brand name ahead of it's time. My guess is it would fly off the shelves today. This ad from the July 19, 1907 Telegram mentions a local man, Wiliam Beebe, and features a generic man-about-town illustration with this copy: You can't tell Wm. …

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