Feb 13

Alabama performs at the Mid-State Fair, seven times

Alabama lead singer Randy Owen performs with the group at the Mid-State Fair 8-10-1985. ©Telegram-Tribune/Robert Dyer

My record collection begins alphabetically with the Allman Brothers but I must confess a guilty hankering for an ABBA greatest hits album. This is a direct result of seeing Richard Thompson present an acoustic rendition of "Money, Money, Money" during his "1,000 Years of Popular Music" tour.
While I am in the confessional booth, I have to admit I don't have an Alabama album in my collection.
The band toured relentlessly and made many stops at the Mid-State Fair. Seven visits to Paso Robles to be precise, making them the most booked act at the fair.
Alabama was one of the first country bands to bring rock and roll showmanship to the stage.
The band started working full time in 1973 under the name Wildcountry and seven years and a name change later had a major label contract with RCA.
The band earned piles of awards including "Entertainer of the Year" for five straight years from the Academy of Country Music and are members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.
The band crossed over from the country charts into the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of the Year three times with 'Keepin Up-1999′, 'When We Make Love'-1984 and 'How Do You Fall in Love'- 1998. They had 9 albums in the "200 albums of the Year" chart during 1981-1999.
The Mid-State Fair is announcing bookings for July events and tickets are scheduled to go on sale in early March.
What has been your favorite concert at the fair?

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