Jun 08

Morro Bay Aerial circa 1963

Aerial of Morro Rock, power plant and harbor from August 29, 1963.© The Tribune

Conspiracy theories.
I recall fielding a call several years back from a subscriber who insisted that the newspaper had run a doctored photo. This was way back in the film days, when photoshop included chemicals and a darkroom.
She insisted that the rock and smoke stacks had been moved. The power plant smoke stacks could never be to the left of Morro Rock, she said, without nefarious intent. Somehow the negative had been flipped or it was printed using a mirror. I tried to explain that when you are in the air or sailing on the ocean you can experience different perspectives than from in a car. Walk completely around the dining room table, the salt and pepper shakers, without diabolical intervention, will appear left to right or right to left depending where you stand.
I could not convince her that the photographer was ethical and the photo accurate.
Hopefully this photo will clear things up. See, the power plant can be on the left side of the rock.
This aerial is from 1963 and both the power-plant and rock have vapor above them. The rock is not generating electricity, the cloud is adiabatic fog forming over the rock.
Adiabatic fog forms as cool moist air is displaced vertically, cools, and moisture condenses on the windward side.

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